WFTDA Salem Photog info

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WFTDA Salem Photog info

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I know this was posted before, but just in case you haven't registered, or heard back from WFTDA and want to shoot at Playoffs, please see the message below from WFTDA:
If you haven't, please tell the other photographers to apply for photog credentials at ... guidelines (ASAP). There are also a bunch of guidelines listed on that page. Also, make sure they list the league(s) that they are affiliated with (and you can have more than one photog claim to be affiliated with your league). That may help them gain credentials.

Once they get approved for credentials, either the Salem Photographer Liaison, or Tanya Hyde (the tournament committee member in charge of photographer things) will contact them with info on rules, schedule for shooting the bouts, instructions on getting photos to the WFTDA for potential use (and purchase), etc.

Finally, I think photographers will be given different levels of access. For example, someone like Axle Adams would be granted Broad access (because he is a well-known, proven excellent derby photographer) and would be granted access to almost all of the bouts. But a photographer that the WFTDA is not familiar with might be granted Limited access, meaning they will be scheduled to shoot only the bouts of the leagues they list as their affiliation. And by being able to shoot those bouts, I mean they will have access to the designated photographer areas around the track. I think they might be able to shoot from the stand for bouts they are not scheduled to shoot.

As for video, same thing. Have them apply for credentials. Generally, I don't think videographers will be allowed. Since has rights to the live video, they are pretty strict on allowing video cameras. However, if your videographer is interested in shooting b-roll and such for the WFTDA, that might be another story. Let me know if you have someone interested in that and I can pass along the info.
If you need me, I might be tearing up the city, so call or text me at 206-251-7581

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