Waaaaaaay back in the day at the Southgate roller rink...

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Waaaaaaay back in the day at the Southgate roller rink...

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When I started catchin' onto what the league was doing, I showed up to the bout on April 30, 2005, where my friend Betty X was the halftime show, and brought my camera.

I had no experience with sports photography - just rock 'n roll and art models. Fast moving skaters in lower than expected light (and I was mostly afraid to use flash, thinking it'd distract the skaters) sent me in with high speed (iso 1600 and 3200) b&w film, a slower lens than I would have liked, and no understanding of roller derby at the time.

I got a couple dozen shots you can almost appreciate if you like your action photos with blurs and smears and high contrast. ;)

Part of me likes the old-time b&w feel of the photos. The rest of me wishes I'd done things differently. Nonetheless, see how many of the original rollergirls you can pick out of the photos below.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/dan_nash/s ... 4804662631


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