Photographic Time Machine

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Darwin O-2-5
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Photographic Time Machine

Post by Darwin O-2-5 »

These organized sub forums for the photographs are a real treat. Presented this way, the body of photographs for Rat City are collectively kind of like a time machine.

Although I am not one of the fortunate fans who can trace their support right back to the beginning of Rat City, through the photographs I feel like I can go back all the way, even to the two years I missed, and see and feel all the many things that Rat city has been during the last five years.

The DIY vibe of the early days, which was still floating around in the hangar even as recently as last year, was powerfully in evidence in those old photos. I recall in particular seeing some photos of a bout in season 2, in Hangar 30, where there was just a track and some bumpers, some skaters on the track in rudimentary uniforms and a bunch of fans standing around behind the bumpers. Both the skaters and the fans alike were making it up as it went along, all groping around with roller derby like a couple of teenagers in the back seat of a car.

Then there was season three and four, with the confidence of the skaters growing right alongside of the solidification of the fan support; everyone just a little amazed at the powerful force that was growing all around them. All of these things are apparent in the photostreams.

And how about that light-speed leap into the Key! Once again Rat City changes visibly and the photostreams capture it. Who among those ladies in 2005 would have thought they'd be skating in front of 5000 fans in the Key in just a few short years?

Sprinkled along are lots of events, proms, parties and misbehavior, all the personality
captured, going right back to the early days.

The league has done a tremendous job reinventing itself and every step of the way is visible. The bouts are continue to be fun; differently so in each incarnation. The faces change, the uniforms change, the location changes - hell, even the beer changes. It’s nice top be able to go back and feel those other lives.

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Sara Problem
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Re: Photographic Time Machine

Post by Sara Problem »


One thing hasn't changed .... we are still DIY and we still continue to make it up as we go along! It's because of fans like you that it continues to work!
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dirty little secret
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Re: Photographic Time Machine

Post by dirty little secret »

I found this link, which takes you way back to the days of no bumpers and carpeted walls. Sweet sweet carpeted walls. And a live performance by Go like Hell!

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