Any Scientists?

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Any Scientists?

Post by Mobeter3 »

Hey everyone,

I'm working on a photo project, the next installment of which involves a scientist and some prototype skate wheels.

The tag line for the photo is this: Re-inventing the wheel in our off-season.

My hope is to show one or two rollergirls in lab coats (it would be great if the lab coats had RCRG patches or stickers) working on wheel prototypes. One wheel may have spikes. Another may have tire treds. And a third, the latest in the line of prototypes, is in some sort of isolation dish and is on fire.

Problem is, I don't have access to any sort of lab environment, and no knowledge of who would be interested in being in the photo. If you know of anyone with either, let me know. Thanks for reading.

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Possible assist

Post by bingme »

Yo Mobeter,

PM me to discuss details.

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Sybil Unrest
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Post by Sybil Unrest »

I have a collection of old lab equipment.....desicator, tabletop centrifuge, ring stands, etc....and i have access to lab coats/gloves/goggles.......PM me.


comet atcha
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Post by comet atcha »

I work in a research lab in seattle. I have access to lab coats. PM me with details or questions and i can try and help.

-comet atcha
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Axle Adams
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Post by Axle Adams »

There are plenty of scientific TRs. Find someone with issue 1 or 2 of Blood and Thunder. Black Dahlia did a shoot with a number of the TRs and even a Wench all lab coated out in some lab with lots of colorful liquids in cool lab glassware (likely cooking up those jello shots).

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Billie Boilermaker
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Post by Billie Boilermaker »

That was my old lab.
...Strobe still works there! :wink:

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Strobe Lightning
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Post by Strobe Lightning »

Yeppurs, PM if you need anything. I actually have an embroidered Strobe Lightning lab coat. We even have a "Dr. Evil" one. :twisted:
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Thanks for the Interest

Post by Mobeter3 »

Thanks everyone. You've been wonderful about letting me know you have props that could be used. Fantastic. We need 'em.

I'm getting asked what it's for. Basically, I want to present something to the RCRG MEdia person that includes photos that could be used in, say, future print advertisement that will advertise the upcoming season.


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